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Big changes with iPhone 12 this fall

Rumors of a new and smaller edition and considerably more variants than today. The iPhone design is not expected to change much in the 12s, except...

Apple confirms iPhone delay

This year's iPhones come a few weeks later than usual. Now Apple has also confirmed the rumors. In the last couple of months, there have been...

Huawei now claims to be the world’s largest phone manufacturer.

Went past Samsung for the first time. Huawei continues to deliver impressive hardware, but without Google services, a massive preponderance of sales is now in China....

This should be Samsung’s next Galaxy Fold

Samsung's next Galaxy Fold should be just a week away. Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Z Fold - with the resounding name Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G -...

Another sign that this year’s iPhone launch will be postponed

This year's iPhone launch seems to be postponed. Here from the iPhone 11 launch in 2019. This year's iPhone launch seems to be postponed. The chip...

VR Camera Creates Immersive Experiences

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to relive the best moments of your life, and be able to share them with others? Maybe it’s the...

Make Your Business More Accessible to Customers With Mobile Applications

Due to stiff competition in the world of Smartphones, it is important to introduce the innovative and the updated applications that can create a huge demand for the mobile...

Your phone can make your TV look smart

Does anyone watch network TV any more? The evening news is about it for me, and then the commercials drive me crazy. When I want entertainment I get it...

Is your phone making payments without you?

Our phones, with Google, Apple, or Samsung accounts make it very easy to purchase things. Has anyone set up a subscription purchase and, months later, wondered what is that...

Snapchat tests new design

Highlights the map and its own content. The new design gets a menu bar at the bottom. It's been several years since we...
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