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Now Microsoft’s game streaming service is coming to Android

Earlier this spring, Microsoft opened up for testing its game streaming service, xCloud, in 11 countries. The testing was limited to the Android platform, after a previous, but very...

Google works on foldable phone

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was one of the first folding mobiles on the market. Now it seems that Google is also working on the technology. Google recently...

Android Auto Update gave you a new feature but ruined another

You are not alone if this has stopped working. Earlier this week, Android Auto 5.0 was rolled out and the update included a new feature that...

This should be Samsung’s next Galaxy Fold

Samsung's next Galaxy Fold should be just a week away. Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Z Fold - with the resounding name Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G -...

Huawei now claims to be the world’s largest phone manufacturer.

Went past Samsung for the first time. Huawei continues to deliver impressive hardware, but without Google services, a massive preponderance of sales is now in China....
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