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One billion Android devices exposed to attack

Security firm discovered a number of holes in Snapdragon. The security company Check Point published a report this weekend that reveals no less than 400 vulnerabilities...

Big Product launch from samsung

Releases two phones, two tablets, earbuds and a watch. A whole bunch of new Samsung products were launched... Samsung not only released two...

TikTok can be banned in the US – here are the options

Recently, uncertainty has raged around the Chinese service TikTok. In the United States, the Trump administration has repeatedly spoken out against a ban on the service. This has led...

Google works on foldable phone

Samsung's Galaxy Fold was one of the first folding mobiles on the market. Now it seems that Google is also working on the technology. Google recently...

Pixel 5 gets 120Hz panel – iPhone 12 most likely does not

You have to wait for the iPhone 13 yo get the 120Hz panel. Panel expert Ross Young is absolutely certain that the Pixel 5 5G, which...

Now Microsoft’s game streaming service is coming to Android

Earlier this spring, Microsoft opened up for testing its game streaming service, xCloud, in 11 countries. The testing was limited to the Android platform, after a previous, but very...

User-created subtitles on YouTube are now coming to an end

This is what subtitles look like on YouTube. This is autogenerated by YouTube, and it is not those that are removed but rather those that are made by the...

Oppo launches smartwatch

The Oppo Watch looks much like an Apple Watch. Smartwatches continue to be a popular category for many, and Apple has long dominated the top with...

Qualcomm has unveiled QuickCharge 5

Charges your mobile to 50 percent in 5 minutes The American company Qualcomm unveiled its latest technology for fast charging of mobile phones, called Quick Charge...

Now Facebook will show music videos

In talks with record companies, according to Bloomberg. Facebook's video service is called Watch. Until now, the commitment has not been so clear, but according to...
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