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6 Challenges an Estore Owner Faces and How to Overcome Them

The Internet is one of the revolutionary innovations of the twentieth century. It connects people from across the globe. A place where we can get almost anything. And to...

Here is the robot dog Spot. It`s now got a permanent job.

The robot dog Spot, which has been given work on a Norwegian oil platform, is attracting attention in a number of countries. Behind it is a technological development...

The man behind the iPhone design quits Apple

Jony Ive starts his own design company. For 27 years, Jony Ive has been the designer and velvet voice who with British-sounding superlatives has explained to...
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Now Microsoft’s game streaming service is coming to Android

Earlier this spring, Microsoft opened up for testing its game streaming service, xCloud, in 11 countries. The testing was limited to the...