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Huawei is blacklisted again

The temporary trading license is over. More than a year ago, the Trump administration put a stop to US companies that wanted to trade with...

The internet was down for hundreds of thousands of people wordwide on Sunday

"Blame Canada". On Sunday, the internet stopped working for millions of users worldwide. But while many probably tried to restart their routers...

The new Tesla Roadster may be in production in a year

Finally it comes. Maybe... Thursday night, Tesla told about its latest, uplifting quarterly figures. But as usual when Elon Musk will tell how things are going...

Apple attacks company for using pear logo

Says the fruit logo is too similar to their own. Apple is no stranger to legal action to protect what they consider to be their trademarked...

GM shows new photos of its huge Hummer pickup

1,000 horsepower and up to 200 kWh battery. The electric Hummer pickup will be unveiled towards the end of the year. Now GM shows the silhouette...

The man behind the iPhone design quits Apple

Jony Ive starts his own design company. For 27 years, Jony Ive has been the designer and velvet voice who with British-sounding superlatives has explained to...

Here is the robot dog Spot. It`s now got a permanent job.

The robot dog Spot, which has been given work on a Norwegian oil platform, is attracting attention in a number of countries. Behind it is a technological development...

Trump bans TikTok in the United States

There will be no Microsoft purchase. It is expected that President Donald Trump will already today order Chinese ByteDance LTD to withdraw from TikTok.

Microsoft says they have clarified possible TikTok acquisition with Donald Trump

In a statement, Microsoft writes that it is continuing talks with the Chinese-owned video sharing app TikTok to buy their business in the United States. Sources...

Qualcomm has unveiled QuickCharge 5

Charges your mobile to 50 percent in 5 minutes The American company Qualcomm unveiled its latest technology for fast charging of mobile phones, called Quick Charge...
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User-created subtitles on YouTube are now coming to an end

This is what subtitles look like on YouTube. This is autogenerated by YouTube, and it is not those that are removed but...