Volvo confirms that a smaller electric car is underway


The XC40 will be Volvo’s first electric car. A smaller model, potentially called the XC20, is also in the works

Volvo’s XC40 Recharge Pure Electric is only a few weeks away from coming on european roads, and now Volvo’s top manager Håkan Samuelsson also confirms that it is a smaller electric car under development.

Baby SUV
Volvo owner Geely showed the electric car platform SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) at the car show in Beijing recently, and to Auto Express, Samuelsson says that they also work with models based on SEA and that a compact SUV should be among them.

  • We will also use SEA. We want to use it for a smaller car (…) It is difficult to push the CMA platform (which is used for XC40 and Polestar 2, journ. Note), which is a combination platform for electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines, further down. So if you want to make a car smaller than the XC40, SEA can do it. We will use it for that, says Samuelsson.

He answers in the affirmative to Auto Express’ question about whether a small SUV is in the plans.

  • Yes, well guessed! It must be premium, and SUVs are very popular, but it should also be all-electric. I do not necessarily think SUVs in the future will be exactly the same as SUVs today. Ground clearance and off-road properties are probably not the most important things now, says Samuelsson.

New flagship underway
Volvo has already trademarked various model names in the XC series, such as the XC10 and XC20. Several have pointed to the XC20 as a relevant name for the smaller SUV, but Volvo has not wanted to confirm any name yet, and when it may be on the road is currently also in the blue.

There has also been talk in the past that Volvo is working on a new flagship called the XC100, produced on a new version of the SPA platform used on the 60 and 90 models today and which will enable Volvo to make even bigger cars than the XC90. SPA2 will also be used on the upcoming SUV of Volvo’s sister brand Polestar, called Polestar 3.

According to Auto Express, the XC100 will be around 30 centimeters longer than today’s XC90, which will mean that it will be around 5.25 meters long – larger than even the BMW X7. They also estimate that the car will come with both mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid driveline and as all-electric.

The Volvo XC90 will also eventually arrive on Volvo’s new platform, and it will be fully electric.

The XC90 will arrive as an electric car – in 2022
Volvo has also confirmed that the next generation XC90 will also be produced on the SPA2 platform, and that it will come in a fully electric variant. Production of this will start in 2022, the company has previously said.

Volvo aims for half of their sales to be fully electric by 2025, and the rest to be hybrids. A new electric car will be launched every year until then, the company has announced.