Tesla still has hope for its automatic «snake charger»


The special charging concept is certainly not on the shelf anyway.

No one has any idea what is going through the head of super-entrepreneur Elon Musk at any given time, but there are things that indicate that a lot is happening. For quite suddenly, a Twitter message appeared from the man in which he mentions Tesla’s «metal gear snake autocoupler».

What? Yes, what he is talking about is a robot arm that should be able to provide automatic charging – you know, so you actually do not have to get out of the car and connect a cord.

The charger, which is a kind of self-navigating «hose» of metal, should be able to find its way to the charging port and plug itself in. Perfect when it is raining or cold.

Tesla released a video of a prototype of such a charger five years ago, but since then it has been pretty quiet around this «metal hose charger». I would almost think Musk has had other things to do in the meantime.

Regardless, Musk mentioned this prototype did not go unnoticed, of course. Someone had to ask if there was actually a possibility that there could be any of this concept.

To which Musk simply answered «Yes,» and left it all hanging there.

How, what, when and possibly how much is in other words completely in the blue, and of course there are no guarantees for anything.

But it is interesting that it was Musk himself who first mentioned Tesla’s old charging concept. Therefore, it is not at all impossible that he actually has something like this going on.

There are also plenty of ideas on how to charge electric cars faster and easier in the future. Several players are sniffing at wireless charging, but it is obviously not as energy efficient as plugging in a cord.