Tesla has upgraded the model 3 – increases range


Improves the car and reduces the price.

Rumors of a Model 3 upgrade have been circulating for a long time, and now Tesla has officially launched upgraded versions of its cheapest electric car.

The official range of the base Standard Range Plus model has now been boosted from 254 miles to 267 miles. The Long Range variant is up from 347 miles to 360 and the performance model goes from 329 miles to 360 miles. 

This is new:

Now all Model 3 models get an electric tailgate Long Range and Performance models come with heat pump.

Three new rim options in 18, 19 and 20 ″ sizes.

The center console has a new design, with a black, matte finish.

Wireless charging for mobiles.

Door handles, turn signals and the strips around the windows now come in «black trim» instead of «chrome».

Electric heated steering wheel.

Thicker windows that provide less noise.