Next expansion of World of Warcraft postponed


Shadowlands needs more refinement, says Blizzard

Blizzard, the developer of the ever-hugely popular MMORPG game World of Warcraft, recently announced on their own blog that they are postponing Shadowlands, the upcoming expansion of the game.

Originally, the eighth expansion of the game was to be launched on October 27, but in the blog post they write that «… we are postponing the launch until later this year …». They add that they are not sure exactly when the release will be, but that they felt they had to share the news of the delay as early as possible.

The reason for the delay should simply be a need to refine the expansion more. More precisely, they need time to make the parts stick together, to balance different aspects of the game and not least to work with «endgame» – ie the content that is left when you have a top-level character and work towards the ultimate goals in the game .

This probably involves working through the raids, which are an important part of World of Warcraft’s gaming experience, as well as making sure that the systems for strengthening your character and achieving better equipment and powers are balanced and good.

This has been something the current expansion, Battle for Azeroth, has received much criticism for. Players have complained about endless and boring goals and «borrowed» forces with artificial barriers that more than anything else promoted a waste of time than actual progression.

«Pre-patch» comes October 13 anyway
Bastion, one of the new areas in the Shadowlands.

At the same time as the expansion itself is postponed, however, Blizzard reports that they are not postponing the so-called «pre-patch», ie the update that will create a bridge between the current game and the expansion. This means that from 13 October you will see a large number of changes to the game, with new content and unique experiences that are only available until Shadowlands’ actual launch.

So if you actually want to experience this content, procrastination can even be a good thing. During this period, for example, it will be much easier to get good equipment that prepares you for Shadowlands, as well as to level up new characters if you want to start from scratch again.

Shadowlands is also one of the biggest and most unique updates the developer has ever announced, with a whole new world and not least a whole new story that turns many of the accepted and famous at Azeroth and all its «lore» on its head.

You can buy the extension right now, for the neat sum of 39.99 euros for the basic version. In addition, of course, comes the monthly subscription payment Blizzard has operated with for over 15 years now.