HTC with patent on foldable mobile phone


Illustration image. A 3D illustration of how a foldable HTC mobile can look.

Let’s Go Digital.

HTC is not among the most popular mobile manufacturers in the market – far from it. Despite a couple of really good mobiles in recent years, there has been no success, and the market share is vanishingly small. Now, however, Pocket-lint reports that a new patent from the manufacturer may hint at an upcoming investment from the mobile manufacturer – and this time on foldable mobile phones.

The patent was submitted for approval to the patent database WIPO («World Intellectual Property Office») a short time ago, and shows a mechanism for folding a mobile phone. The photos show something that is clearly a prototype and nothing close to a finished mobile, but it can give us a clue as to where HTC intends to go.

First, the patent shows that the hinge is similar to what Samsung uses in its Fold phones, with protective covers over the mechanism. Unlike these phones, however, the phone folds together with the screen on the outside, as Huawei, for example, has done with its Mate phones.

New management will make the company profitable in 2025
The patent HTC applied for approval.

Let’s Go Digital
The phone could possibly be the spearhead in an investment in new technologies from HTC, as the company not long ago replaced large parts of the management. The goal will be to make the mobile division in the company profitable again «… by 2025».

HTC also reckons that they will be able to become profitable again faster if 5G is rolled out faster than today. There are no official photos or information directly from HTC, but the website Let’s Go Digital has made a number of digital illustrations of what a possible foldable phone might look like based on the patent.

The pictures show a rectangular phone with a metal chassis, which can be closed without any space between the two parts (which is also easier with a screen that folds on the outside rather than on the inside).

Of course, it is not known whether a finished phone from HTC will look like this. But that the manufacturer needs something really good to get back in the consumers’ favor, that is for sure.