The new iPad Air will have Apple’s most powerful processor to date


iPad Air takes the step over from an overgrown regular iPad to get the iPad Pro design and most other other Pro model can boast.

Apple made it clear early in tonight’s pre-recorded launch video that they were going to focus on two products: the Apple Watch and the iPad. In advance, rumors indicated that an upgraded iPad Air would appear, but Apple had a little news to bring to the standard iPad as well.

The new entry-level iPad is, as before, just called the iPad, and is the eighth generation of Apple’s tablet. This is simply a simple generation upgrade, where Apple switches to the A12 Bionic processor and does not do much else.

New iPad Air
However, the new iPad Air gets a little more significant upgrades. It gets a brand new Apple processor called A14 Bionic, made on a 5 nanometer process.

The A14 processor is made on a very advanced 5 nm process.

It will provide 40 percent faster processor performance than the previous generation iPad Air, in addition to 30 percent better graphics performance. Apple calls it «the most powerful chip ever», so for a while now Air will be more powerful than the iPad Pro.

The design is also new, with thinner frames and sharper edges – very similar to the aforementioned iPad Pro. The screen has become a few tenths of an inch bigger – from 10.5 to 10.9. iPad Air will continue to be charged with USB-C, as iPad Pro has had for a while already now, and a new fingerprint reader that will be more accurate than before.

However, you do not get face recognition, but otherwise it is very reminiscent of the iPad Pro models – including support for the latest Apple Pencil with wireless charging and higher accuracy.

The new iPad Air will fit in Apple’s so-called «Magic Keyboard».

Air gets the same 12 megapixel camera that sits in the iPad Pro, and the speaker system has been redesigned with stereo sound (in landscape mode). iPad Air will now also fit in the (piggy) Magic Keyboard cover Apple launched for the previous generation iPad Pro. New is also support for Wi-Fi 6, as the iPad Pro also received earlier this year.

New iPad Air should be ready for delivery in October.