Sony with good news for PC gamers


But good news rarely comes alone.

The former Sony-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was released for PC this summer.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be launched later this year, and many are considering getting a console to access some of the exclusive titles that will only be released on the platform.

In its latest quarterly report, however, Sony comes out with a message that may please many who do not want to shell out extra for a specific console just for some exclusive games.

Sony writes, among other things, that they will «explore expanding our catalog of first-party titles to the PC platform». First-party titles mean that the titles are developed by a gaming studio wholly owned by Sony.

This is a colossal change from the past, where Sony has protected around its exclusive games to sell as many consoles as possible as well as differentiate itself from competitors Microsoft and Nintendo consoles.

That said, the grip does not come as a complete surprise. Sony has already experimented immediately when they released the former PlayStation-exclusive game Horizon Zero Dawn for PC this summer.

This experience has probably given more flavor to Sony, which is primarily doing this to, in its own words, «promote further growth in their profitability».

Sony says in the quarterly report nothing about what titles PC gamers can expect to see appear outside the PlayStation universe in the future, nor whether they envision simultaneous launches on console and PC.

Rival Microsoft, which on previous occasions has stated that they do not see Sony as a rival, usually releases their own games for Xbox and PC at the same time. However, Microsoft does not have nearly as many well-known exclusive titles as Sony’s PlayStation platform, so the risk is clearly greatest for Sony here.

Jokes with old games on the console
At the same time as Sony announces that they are softening up around their own exclusives, a text on Sony partner Ubisoft’s websites creates more speculation about PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility.

According to Cnet, the text, which now appears to have been removed, dealt with how PlayStation 5 would not be backwards compatible with games released before the PlayStation 4 era.

Today’s PlayStation 4 allows you to stream only certain titles from previous generations of consoles through the company’s streaming service, PlayStation Now. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft, whose Xbox One consoles can play most titles all the way back to the original Xbox from 2001. Microsoft has stated that their upcoming Xbox Series X will be the most backwards compatible console ever, and even improve the games in several ways.