Oculus Quest 2 revealed


Takes over for both last year’s Quest and the top model Rift S.

At a press conference on Wednesday night, Facebook unveiled its latest pair of VR glasses, called Oculus Quest 2.

As the name suggests, this is a direct sequel to last year’s Oculus Quest, which we really had a feel for. Read our test of Oculus Quest here.

But in addition to taking over for Oculus Quest, Facebook told the press conference that Quest 2 will also replace the top model Rift S. Both Rift S and Quest will no longer be available after the spring of 2021.

More powerful hardware, sharper screen
Oculus Quest 2 will have a significantly sharper screen than its predecessor, with over 50 percent more pixels. The predecessor had 1440 x 1600 pixels, while Quest 2 has 1832 x 1920. At launch, the screen updates 72 times per second, but in a later update it should be able to handle 90 Hz. It should be able to provide even smoother movements and probably a more comfortable experience while playing.

Quest 2 has also become almost 70 grams lighter – from 571 grams to 503 grams, and the processor has gone from a Snapdragon 835 to a Snapdragon XR2. In short – much better performance.

Working memory has been increased by 50 percent, and the largest storage capacity has been increased from 128 GB to 256. The smallest capacity is still 64 GB.

You can buy a bunch of additions to the glasses. Among other things, a new headband.

Can be connected to PC
It may seem strange that Quest 2 will take over for Rift S as well, as the latter were VR glasses aimed at PC players. But both Quest and Quest 2 can now also be connected to the PC via a long USB-C cable, which makes them almost as good as Rift S. Rift S has, however, had a more comfortable headband, but this should now be able to buy as an add-on to Quest 2.

What we liked best about Quest when we tested it last year was that you could finally get a «real» VR experience, without having to connect to a PC or any other equipment. All you have to do is pick up the controllers, put the VR glasses over your eyes, and get started. Hopefully Quest 2 will impress us just as much as soon as we get them in for testing.