Gates doesn`t believe in electric heavy transport or electric planes


Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been in the media a lot in recent months after the corona outbreak, and commented on everything from the vaccine race to how the situation should be resolved. It has also made him a key figure in a number of conspiracy theories.

Although the world faces a major challenge related to the corona virus, Gates believes it is only a taste of what it will be like when the consequences of climate change really hit. He writes this on the website GatesNotes.

There he also goes into his thoughts on electric cars, and not least what kind of parts of the transport market he does not think electrification is the way to go. Namely heavy transport and aircraft.

Think the batteries will be too heavy
The problem is that batteries are large and heavy. The more weight you try to move, the more batteries you will need to power the vehicle. But the more batteries you use, the more weight you add – and the more power you need. Even with major breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles will probably never be a practical solution for things like tractors, cargo ships and passenger planes. Electricity works when you need to drive short distances, but we need another solution for heavy long-distance cars, Gates writes.

This is in stark contrast to companies such as Tesla, which works with the electric tractor Tesla Semi. Semi was shown for the first time in the autumn of 2017, but will not be on the road until 2021.

Believe in electric fuel
Instead of electric heavy transport, Gates has more faith in biofuels, and so-called electric fuels. The latter is a combination of trapped carbon dioxide mixed with hydrogen from water, which makes it a liquid fuel that can be used in ordinary internal combustion engines. However, both of these options require much more research, says Gates.

«Switching to electric vehicles and alternative fuels is the most efficient way we can move towards zero emissions in the transport sector,» Gates writes.