Apple launched new Apple Watch with oxygen meter


In addition to a cheap variant, called Apple Watch SE.

Apple Watch series 6 has a new oxygen saturation sensor under it, and a much brighter screen when it is always on.

Apple has now reached its sixth version in its Apple Watch series, and just as expected, the new name is Apple Watch Series 6.

Last year’s Apple Watch series 5 boasted of the ability to have on screen all day, while today’s highlight of the six is ​​a new health sensor.

The design is apparently exactly the same as before. The watch has been given a number of new colors, and comes in steel and aluminum as before. A bright red version in the Product RED series also appears. The watch goes on sale already on 16 September in the USA and a number of other regions.

A summary of Apple’s launch can be found in this article.

Can help in corona treatment
Apple Watch Series 6 has got a completely new health sensor oxygen saturation in the blood. Thus, one does not necessarily have to have the classic specialized finger sensors to find out if one has sufficient oxygen uptake. Especially in the corona crisis, this is a useful tool, as it is the most important way to monitor whether you have a serious or a milder course of the disease.

The measurements can be made point by point, but they are also done continuously now and then, and log the history, so that you can see if the oxygen saturation went down, for example while you slept. It is in itself often a symptom of conditions such as sleep apnea.

It also means that the watch is now made to be used while sleeping.

Faster and lighter
A new and faster processor, which has been named the Apple S6, runs the watch, and will give it 20 percent more fuel.

Always on the screen that came last year, many people like it, but it is quite dim, and the watch does not really light up until you lift your wrist. But this year, the screen is 2.5 times brighter when it’s always on.

Watch series 6 also measures altitude data continuously.

Own dials for special needs, such as if you are a health worker, surfer or photographer, so that the watch can automagically inform you when the perfect photo light is or when you should take the board by the neck and get out in the waves.

Apple also decided to remove the wall charger from the Apple Watch case, while the proprietary charging «puck» is still included. They say they do this for environmental reasons, because they think so many already have available USB chargers at home.

Apple presents the Watch SE as a cross between series 5 and series 6. The processor and screen are from older versions of the watch, while some of the sensors come from the new one.

Cheap version: Apple Watch SE
In the past, the cheapest Apple Watch models have been old. Now comes the Apple Watch SE which is about the watch counterpart to the iPhone SE.

The watch is in practice a mash of the Watch models up to and including last year’s series 5 model. It has the processor from last year’s clock, but it does not have the ECG sensor or the ability to measure oxygen saturation in the blood. It should be significantly faster than the series 3 watch that Apple has so far sold as a cheap watch.

Can do without iPhone
In the past, the Apple Watch has required an iPhone to work optimally. But now there is a kind of end to it; the watches now have the option of so-called Family Setup, which means that there is really only a need for one iPhone in the household where the watch is to be used. But it requires a watch with a mobile connection. Currently, Norway is not on the list of places that get the function first. Apple sees it as a great way to get the kids in the family to use the Apple Watch as well, and showed off at the launch a couple of child-friendly modes for the watch.

Final sleep measurement
Most Apple users have wondered how long it would take before the Apple Watch got sleep measurement. It can now do so, but without Apple also announcing significant increases in battery life – a feature that has been one of the main obstacles to such sleep measurement.