You can play on PlayStation 5 with PS4 controllers


But there’s one big catch.

Sony is expected to roll out its latest generation console, the PlayStation 5, towards the end of this year. After the unveiling in June, however, many questions have been asked, and one of those questions has been whether the old PlayStation 4 controllers will work with PlayStation 5. And today Sony revealed the answer on its own blog: yes.

And this is a big «but»: they will not work with PlayStation 5 games. This can suddenly sound very confusing, but it seems reasonably simple. You will be able to use PlayStation 4 controllers, both Sony standard controllers and third-party controllers, with games that are considered PlayStation 4 games.

If a game is considered a PlayStation 5 game, you will need to use a PlayStation 5 controller. There will undoubtedly be some borderline cases here, if a game is released in both PlayStation 5 «remastered» version and as a PlayStation 4 version, and it undeniably sounds a bit confusing.

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This is the PlayStation 4 controller.

This is what Sony itself says about the case: «We believe that PlayStation 5 games should take advantage of the new features and functionality built into the platform, and that includes the functionality of the new DualSense controller [PlayStation 5 controller, ed. note.] «

Significant technological differences in the controllers

The new console is white and black, just like the controller.

There are also some completely new features of the new controller. For example, there is a new feature in the shooting levers on the back of the controller, which will provide feedback depending on what you are doing. For example, if you pull a bowstring in the game, the levers will be able to provide similar haptic feedback.

Sony has also replaced the «Share» button with a «Create» button, but exactly what this means is so far not completely clarified. Maybe uploading clips from the game to a YouTube channel, for example?

Another novelty is that the controller has its own built-in microphones, so you can actually talk to teammates without wearing a headset (although Sony itself also admits that a headset is probably preferable).

So there are some clear differences between new and old controls, and new games will probably benefit from more of the new stuff in the PlayStation 5 controller. But there is undeniably also the stage for some confusion here. Not least on the charging cable front; The PlayStation 4 controller uses Micro-USB; The PlayStation 5 controller uses USB Type-C.