Would you put Netflix on shuffle?


Netflix tests new button.

Now Netflix can end the arduous selection process. Some users have been given a Shuffle button that plays random content from the service.

It can be tricky to find your way around Netflix’s large selection of movies and TV series. What is presented when the app is opened is usually only a fraction of what is available. If you do not search directly for what you want to see, or get suggestions that fit, much of the content never reaches your screen. Maybe the «new» Netflix feature being tested these days can make up for it.

The streaming service is currently experimenting with adding a «shuffle» button on the login screen for some of its users.

A number of Twitter users have discussed the solution and shared photos of the new button, which Netflix has also confirmed to Techcrunch that they are testing out.

Tried something similar last year
The new test is very similar to an attempt they made at the end of last year, where they introduced a «See now» button in the same place as the new Shuffle button has appeared. However, it was significantly less random in the way it worked; if you had already come halfway in a movie or TV series, pressing the button would lead you to the sequel – either by starting the movie where you last watched, or by playing the next episode in the series.

If you had nothing to continue on, however, the button would work much like the new shuffle solution – where it instead picked content Netflix thinks you want to watch.

They should also have previously tried to serve random episodes from the same series – a solution that works primarily on commissions and anthology series, where you do not have a large overall story, but rather many small, loose episodes that can be seen hollow to bolt .

Served already seen content
Netflix is ​​known for being a company that gets a lot out of its user data. They are the basis for everything from the suggestions you get when you look at the service to the way the company chooses which existing and new series to buy. Interestingly, the Twitter user @ThatOnePoes reports that the Shuffle button tried to serve him the series «Modern Family», which he had seen all seasons of two years ago.

This may indicate that the Shuffle button works in a slightly different way than Netflix’s usual way of presenting content. Normally, content that you have already started or finished in your own categories ends up in the service – usually presented as «Look again» or «Continue to see».

Will work more like traditional TV
According to Techcrunch, Netflix’s goal with the solution is to make the service work more like a linear TV channel, where you turn on and sit down to watch what the channel may have to show. It will also help users find content that suits their tastes.

So far, Netflix has tried shuffle buttons in several places in its services, depending on the platform on which the service is used. On smart TVs, some users have been given the opportunity to «Play something» – with the familiar symbol for shuffle behind. For the time being, they should not have made up their minds whether they want to implement the solution for all users, but it is currently being tested with selected users around the world.