Pixel 5 gets 120Hz panel – iPhone 12 most likely does not


You have to wait for the iPhone 13 yo get the 120Hz panel.

Panel expert Ross Young is absolutely certain that the Pixel 5 5G, which Google has confirmed will be launched this autumn, will receive a 120Hz panel update.

Pixel 5 gets raw screen, but what about iPhone 12?
This is very good news, at the same time as it is constantly reported from leaks in Apple’s production stages that the iPhone 12 does not get 120Hz. Is it allowed to hope for 90Hz, Apple?

Young believes that the 120Hz panels will not reach the iPhone until the models that will be launched next year.

Regardless of what Apple landed on, it is more or less confirmed that the 6.67 ″ large Pixel 5 screen will have a super fast screen from Samsung Display and BOE.