Musk used pigs in «Neuralink» presentation


The contractor refers to the innovation as «fitbit in the skull».

There were high expectations for the demonstration of the innovation Neuralink on Saturday night.

Eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk has been developing technology to connect brains to machines. According to Musk, when it is finished, it will be able to fight blindness, memory loss, and insomnia, nothing less. It writes Cnbc.

Background: Musk promises demo of working «brain link»
Demonstrated on three pigs

THE PIG GERTRUDE: Elon Musk was part of Elon Musk’s presentation of «Neuralink».

Musk had three pigs with him in the demonstration, and the audience present in the hall got to see nerve signals from one of the pigs, named Gertrude. According to Musk, the pig has had the implant in it for two months.

The development of the technology has been going on since 2016, and one of the goals is to design «strands» ten times thinner than a hair that will be able to heal brain damage, and thus in the long run unite man and artificial intelligence.

Musk also managed to put tabloid words on the whole thing, and referred to the technology as a «fit bit in the skull».

The chip will take the place of a small part of the skull and will eventually help the visually impaired and Musk also said that it can be helpful for Parkinson’s patients.

Musk wants to have surgery performed on the «Neural Link» on a human before the end of the year.

The gadget itself is no bigger than a larger coin, and can be charged wirelessly with an external charger.