Modern Warfare with giga-update – now they have launched Mini Royale!


Modern Warfare Season 5 has been launched and this is a big one. The biggest Warzone news is a faster mini-version of the mode dubbed «Mini Royale Trios».

There are many GB to download
Season 5 requires many GB downloads, as usual, and the worst is on PC where the update is bigger 50 GB:

PlayStation 4: 33.9 GB
Xbox One: 49.8 GB
PC: 54.2 GB (Modern Warfare) – 47.4 GB (if only Warzone is installed)

This is happening in the future

Season 5 brings a lot of new.
This is new in Modern Warfare
Ground War (Adding Verdansk International Airport)
Blueprint Gunfight
Search and Destroy Double Down (12v12)
Face-Off (Livestock)
Oil Rig and Harbor 24/7

This is new in Warzone
BR Duos
BR Trios
BR Quads
BR Solos Buy Back (previously called BR Solos Stimulus)
Blood Money Quads
Mini Royale Trios (Fast-paced Battle Royale in condensed areas of Verdansk)