Fortnite on iPhone has now stopped updating


This happens if you want to play now that Apple’s blocking is enabled.

If you have not downloaded Fortnite before, you will not find it on the App Store anymore.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games’ super-popular Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPad. The reason was that Epic Games introduced a separate payment mechanism in the game that bypassed Apple’s standard solution, which charges a platform fee of 30 percent from all transactions. According to Apple’s terms for the App Store, custom solutions are not allowed.

It is thus no longer possible to download the game for iPhone or iPad users who have not added it to their account before.

Yesterday, August 27, another block also came into force. At that time, Apple activated a barrier that prevents Epic from updating Fortnite to new versions for everyone who has played.

This means that anyone playing Fortnite from an Apple device will not have access to the new «Chapter 2, Season 4» update that was released for everyone else yesterday.

With Apple’s deletion of the game from the App Store, and the subsequent blocking of updates to the game, many are wondering if they can continue to play it on their Apple devices.

We previously reported that this would probably not be possible. Fortunately, it turns out that Apple’s blocking has no retroactive effect. Epic says, via MacRumors, that they have no so-called version control in the game. It allows players who do not get to update Fortnite to season 4 to be able to continue playing online against others with Apple devices that are also stuck on season 3.

Other limitations that have been impossible to avoid for Epic are that players on iPhone and iPad cannot meet players on other platforms in combat. In addition, «Battle Lab», Duo gaming, «LTM» and so-called «Quick Challenges» are disabled.

Epic Games has sued both Apple and Google for removing their apps from their respective app stores. In a feed last week, Apple abruptly decided to also prevent Epic’s developers from using their developer tools to keep their widely used graphics engine, the Unreal Engine, up to date.

However, this decision prompted Epic to issue a temporary injunction. If Epic’s developers are not allowed to use Apple’s developer tools to keep their graphics engine up to date, very many outside app developers will suffer.

Unreal Engine is used by hundreds of programs and games, and is probably the most popular and most accessible graphics engine available.

And it’s not just small players who use Epic Games’ graphics engine. Microsoft, for example, uses the Unreal Engine for game development, and the decision would have affected them as well if it had passed. They have also stated this publicly, and have become an important supporter of Epic in the lawsuit against Apple.

Epic originally wanted the judge who dealt with the issue of the graphics engine to prevent Apple from banning Fortnite from their platform, but that request was denied.

  • Epic Games and Apple are free to fight against each other, but their quarrel should not create chaos for those around them, the judge wrote in his conclusion.