Big Product launch from samsung


Releases two phones, two tablets, earbuds and a watch.

A whole bunch of new Samsung products were launched…

Samsung not only released two new Galaxy Note 20 models at its Unpacked launch, but also a whole bunch of other products:

  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Note 20
  • Galaxy Tab S7 + – tablet with 12.4-inch 120-hertz AMOLED screen, pen included
  • Galaxy Tab S7 – tablet with 11-inch 120-hertz LCD screen, pen included
  • Galaxy Buds Live – completely wireless earplugs, without rubber plug – fills the outer ear, has active noise reduction
  • Galaxy Watch 3 – an updated and more compact version of Samsung’s smartwatch, where the physical menu ring around the watch is back
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 – new generation folding phone, was shown as a taste before a major single launch
  • The new Galaxy Tab 7 series gets 120 hertz screens in both, but only the heaviest gets an AMOLED screen.

Fast tablets with 5G
Galaxy Tab S7 is a tablet in two new sizes. As for the rest of Samsung’s selection, they have messed up a bit and made the series a little more complicated than perhaps desirable; you get two very different screens in the boards. The Tab S7 + model gets an AMOLED screen, as the Tab S series has been known for, while the regular Tab S7 has an LCD screen. However, both boards have 120 hertz screens, and that also means quick updating from the screen pen, which should have a very low response time. The pen is also included in the package.

Both tablets also support mobile networks, and they get the Snapdragon 865 processor that Samsung uses in its American models of Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.

The new Galaxy Buds Live has a very unusual design, and no part of the plug goes into your ear canal. Instead, everything is inside the outer tube.

New type of earplugs
Galaxy Buds Live is Samsung’s first earplug with active noise reduction. But they are also probably some of the first of their kind. Because unlike ordinary rubber plugs, these do not go into the ear canal. At the same time, there is no question of AirPods clones numbering very many in the series – because these still stay inside the ear. They fill the outer tube, and are said to sit very well. We have not tried them yet, but the shape is at least different, and it is claimed that the plugs should be good to wear in the ear if you lie with your head against a pillow – in which case among the first earplugs that allow it without one pushes them far into the ear canal.

Buds Live comes in three different colors.

Clock and folding mobile
Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest smartwatch from Samsung, and looks a bit like a kind of mix of Galaxy Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Here is the physical menu ring from Galaxy Watch 2 back, something that many missed on the somewhat more streamlined Active variant.

The watch will be available in a number of different models, including the top model which will be made of titanium. Titan has so far been a very unusual material for smartwatches – we do not come across any other models that have been made in this material. Apple Watch has existed in pure gold (!) And in ceramics so far, but not in titanium. Otherwise, we know titanium best from relatively expensive traditional wristwatches, and the advantages are low weight and relatively high durability compared to, for example, aluminum.

New folding mobile?
Finally, the company also half-launched Galaxy Z Fold 2. It is the sequel to last year’s Galaxy Fold, and it may seem that the Z from the Galaxy Z Flip folding mobile is about to become a kind of brand for foldable phones from Samsung.

Unlike the first generation, this model gets a full-coverage screen on the front, so it is much easier to use while closed. We did not get all the details about the mobile today, but a more complete launch is expected in due course. At the time of writing – just before the launch – we have not received any details about exactly what date the Fold release will end up on.