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Says the fruit logo is too similar to their own.

Apple is no stranger to legal action to protect what they consider to be their trademarked and patented property – whether it is the shape of a mobile phone or the technology used in a mobile chip.

But where previous battles have been against giants such as Samsung and Qualcomm, it turns out that Apple is fighting against a completely different company today.

Namely the website Super Healthy Kids and their app called Prepear (from the words prepare and pear), which uses a pear as a logo.

Apple believes the fruit logo helps to weaken their own apple logo, because they are too similar to each other. This is the legal document they have submitted:

The applicant’s logo consists of a minimalist fruit design with a right-handed leaf, which can easily resemble Apple’s famous apple logo and create a similar commercial impression. […] Apple’s logo is so famous and instantly recognizable that the similarities in the applicant’s brand will overshadow any differences and lead the average consumer to believe that the applicant is related to, affiliated with, or approved by Apple.

Will fight back
Not surprisingly, the creator of the app and Super Healthy Kids – Russel Monson – disagree.

To the iPhone website iPhone in Canada, Monson tells the story of how they applied to trademark the pear logo in 2017.

The logo was approved, and they were told that there were no other companies with a similar logo. But it was still a window for other companies to appeal the decision, something Apple did just before the deadline. This was followed by a long and costly legal process, which has been constantly postponed and expanded – a process Monson believes Apple uses to make it as expensive as possible for the company.

The process has so far cost the small company several thousand dollars, and according to Monson, they have had to lay off one of their employees as a direct consequence.

Monson has now set up a signature campaign on Change.org in an attempt to make the situation visible in the hope of getting Apple to think about:

  • We believe the case is clearly junk, and that when the case is now published, it may make Apple more willing to close it. Instead of the audience seeing how they clearly hurt us for no apparent reason, Monson says to the iPhone in Canada.