Twitter removes thousands of conspiracy accounts


Twitter has deleted over 7,000 accounts linked to the so-called QAnon movement. The company says it will limit the spread of conspiracy theories.

Concerns about harassment and abuse are the reason for deleting the accounts, Twitter states.

Members of QAnon, an informal group of Trump supporters, believe – without credible evidence – that for decades the United States has been ruled by a criminal network they describe as a global elite of devil worshipers that includes Hollywood stars and what QAnon calls «the deep states ».

QAnon is also convinced that there is a secret conspiracy against President Donald Trump, and supporters of the group have harassed Trump’s political opponents on social media.

  • We have made it clear that we will crack down hard on behavior that can lead to harm in the real world. In line with this, we will this week continue the measures against so-called QAnon activity on our service, says Twitter. In addition to deleting accounts, the company will block the sharing of web pages linked to QAnon.

A spokesman for Twitter says the company is doing this because followers of QAnon are causing increasing damage.

The FBI has identified QAnon as a possible domestic terrorist threat, according to US media.