Snapchat tests new design


Highlights the map and its own content.

The new design gets a menu bar at the bottom.

It’s been several years since we saw a major design change in the Snapchat app, but now more news may be on the way.

According to the website The Verge, the app may soon have a menu bar at the bottom of the screen, and several dedicated «tabs» for the various services the app offers. A regular menu bar may not sound very revolutionary, but for Snapchat, where most of the navigation has always been done with a swipe both sideways and up and down, this is almost radical.

From three to five pages

The Verge / Snapchat
Today, when you open up Snapchat, you get the camera part of the app. Swipe to the right, you will see the «Discover» section, where you can see friends’ stories and video content from different providers. If you swipe left from the camera, you will see your friends list, where you can chat with friends.

These three pages will be expanded to five, if the new design The Verge has seen actually becomes released.

This is how the new menu items will be:

Map – or Snap Map if you will – will be on the far left. You have previously had to swipe down from the camera to access it.
Chat – just like today
Camera – just like today
Community – (formerly known as Discover), shows friends’ videos and other people you follow
Discover – This is where Snapchat’s original series will be located

There will thus be no particularly new content in the app, but it will be presented in a simpler way in the form of a menu bar at the bottom that you can always see. You know, like almost every other app on your phone has.

News into Snapchat
the source that The Verge has spoken to also said that Snapchat is trying to find a way to get news material into the app. This is done by picking out headlines from certain pre-approved publications, which are displayed in the app along with an image.

Each title can be cut, where you can read a short news item with photos. The publications included in the test phase include NowThis, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Tested now
Just like with other apps and services, the new design that is now being tested is only available to a few users. Snapchat confirms to The Verge that they are testing the mentioned features, but that it only applies to a few users in the US.

If it is a success among the few users, the test may be extended to more, before it eventually rolls out to all users worldwide.

Snapchat is probably quite cautious this time, as their previous major design change for 2018 was a huge failure. The change created a user storm and they lost many regular users. However, they have grown in the last year, and today the app is used every single day by 218 million users worldwide.