The man behind the iPhone design quits Apple


Jony Ive starts his own design company.

For 27 years, Jony Ive has been the designer and velvet voice who with British-sounding superlatives has explained to us how iPhones and MacBooker came to be. But now there is a kind of end to the adventure – Ive started his own company called LoveFrom.

Ive announced the news in an interview with the Financial Times.

It remains to be seen exactly how big the change will be for Ive and Apple, as the designer has stated that he will continue to work with Apple and their products from his new company.

Swapped positions
In 2015, Ive received the title «chief design officer» and went on to work more with the operating part of design in Apple, before he went back to work with the actual design work in 2017.

The transition to self-employment will begin later this year, and Apple is thus the first customer Ive announced.

Will continue to work with Apple
«Even though I do not want to be employed by Apple, I will still be very involved – hopefully for many, many more years,» Ive explained to the Financial Times.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, for his part, also suggests that the change may be smaller than one might expect from such a transition:

  • We get to continue with the same team that we have had for a long time, and have the pleasure of working further with Jony, Cook is quoted by the same newspaper.

The designer behind the iMac, iPod and iPhone
Ive been the designer behind the first iMac – the colorful plastic thick screen with a computer built-in – known both for its unusual design, for dropping the diskette and for being among the earliest computers that opted for the USB standard.

When the iPod became a huge success for the company, he was heavily involved, and also when the iPhone was launched, it was Ive who pulled the strings. He has worked with almost all the most important Apple products for around 25 years, and was hired 27 years ago.

Apple has so far not announced any successor to Jony Ivy.