This is messenger’s new design

image: facebook

Soon you can choose between light and dark themes when talking to friends.

More and more services are realizing that we humans do not stop communicating with each other as soon as the sun goes down. Now users of Facebook’s Messenger platform report that the company is testing a so-called «dark mode».

Better to use for the eyes
The new mode has toned down colors on text and elements and a completely black background. It can thus replace the dazzling white design of the day when you have the last conversations of the day in a darker environment.

As you know, dark backgrounds do not wear as much on the eyes as white backgrounds when there is little light around you. Strong white light can also make it difficult to fall asleep if you expose yourself to it just before bedtime.

Below you can see a comparison of the old and new modes taken by Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong. She is one of the few who has been allowed to test the new design and warns that it is not completely finished yet as some design elements with white backgrounds are constantly appearing.

This is how the new dark theme looks side by side with today’s light.

@ Wongmjane / Twitter

Uncertain launch
The new dark theme has not been given a launch date and is currently only available to selected test users in some countries. It may thus take a while before the design becomes available to all messenger users.

That this will actually happen is probably still quite certain, considering that both the competitor Twitter, as well as major players such as Apple, Microsoft and Google also focus on dark topics for their services and their software.